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Tymey Roofing delivers not only first-rate roofing in the Greater Vancouver area, but also, chimney repairs, and other roofing work.

Residential Roofing

We have roofing experts who know how to set up the best roofing system for your property, while also ensuring it works with your roofing materials.

Roofing Repairs

We are equipped to handle full roof replacement, animal damage, chimney and masonry repair, skylight replacement, insulation, eavestroughing and downspouts, shingle repair, flat roof repair, attic ventilation and more!

Roofing Maintenance

Preventative roof maintenance contributes to a longer-lasting roof, saving thousands of dollars over time. We specialize in touching up details, tile, moth and gutter cleaning, and more.

About us

Greater Vancouver Area Roofing Solutions!

We are dedicated to providing exceptional roofing solutions in the Greater Vancouver Area. We give you the peace of mind you need when dealing with the stresses of repair and improvement by ensuring accurate measurements and impeccable roof for your property projects..
Our team specializes in roof repairs in Greater Vancouver and surrounding areas and is equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform work on residential buildings. We are prepared to handle projects of all sizes and can provide recommendations on roofing materials and structural elements if necessary.

Shingles are not only known for their beauty and durability, but are also great at reducing heating and cooling costs, because they act as an additional layer of insulation. So in those cold Canadian winters, they will help prevent heat from escaping your home.

There are many reasons why Tymey Roofing should be the first choice for your roofing projects, re-roofs, repairs, and maintenance. Here are just a few:


100% ethical, honest, and trustworthy.

High Quality

We use the highest quality products with enduring value.

Customer Satisfaction

We give the highest level of quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


Our team are experts in roofing and take pride in our work.

Best in Market

Our services are the best in the market.


We stand behind all our work: every project, every service, every time.

Fast, Fair Bids

Receive fast, fair, comprehensive bids for every roofing request.

No Compromises

We do not compromise any roofing project with shortcuts in cost or craftsmanship.

Best Materials

Receive the top quality materials & guaranteed with manufacturer’s warranties for all of our roofing systems.


Services We Provide


What Our Clients Say

They did a great job. They were polite, on time, and cleaned up nicely. They were also very well priced. I highly recommend them.
Tymey Roofing's team are amazing and have some of the best customer service I have ever see, they even did a great clean up afterwards too! Thanks guys!
They did a great job. They were polite, on time, and cleaned up nicely. They were also very well priced. I highly recommend them.

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